Welcome to Eagle Academy Public Charter School’s Literacy Portal

As a part of a Comprehensive State Literacy Development (CLSD) grant, Eagle Academy Public Charter School has developed this teacher and parent literacy portal. The parent literacy portal contains information for parents about working on language and literacy skills at home, and also include access to some online lesson plans for completing virtual stories at home.

The Teacher Literacy Portal is designed to provide:

  1. Information about nine evidence-based literacy instructional practices
  2. Supplemental activities and printables that teachers can use for literacy instruction in whole group or small group format
  3. A scope and sequence for teaching each literacy skill
  4. Videos demonstrating each skill
  5. Extra literacy resources or opportunities for teachers.

I am a Parent

Parent Resources

  • Parent Handbook: Supporting Language and Literacy at Home
  • Pre-Kindergarten to 1st Grade Virtual Story Lesson Plans
  • 2nd to 3rd Grade Virtual Story Lesson Plans

I am a Teacher

Teacher Resources

  • Printable Resources for Literacy Skill Areas
  • Google Drive Links for Each Skill Area
  • Evidence-Based Practices Summaries (contains research, suggested scope and sequence for teaching skill, clickable Google Drive links, and key definitions of terms)
  • Videos of Each Evidence-Based Practice
  • Resources for Further Study